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"Athena" is an eponym and "athenian" a toponym, but is there also a "-nym" for "Athens"?

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    While I'm looking, here is a search where you can also look:



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    Read through many of these search results; take good notes; let us know what corrections you make.






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    P.s. Here's a very interesting sitew when it comes to -nym or -onym:



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    Merci beaucoup, Sra and thank you Writeacher.

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    OK! I went right down the list looking and here's what I found:

    acronym - ATHENS = Advanced Technology Higher Education Network/Socrates (EU)

    athénienne, the feminine for of “Athenian” was a small decorative stand used in France in the period of Louis XV and Empire, but no synonym or antonym for Athens

    3. In the Etymology Dictionary, here is what it says about “Athens” = Athens
    city of ancient Attica, capital of modern Greece, traditionally derived from Athena, but probably assimilated from a lost name in a pre-Hellenic language.
    Th at means you could use “Athena” = or Palias Athena, the goddess of war, cifilization, wisdom, strength, strategy, crafts, justice and skill in Greek mythology!

    pseudonym = Athia (The Medallion) but I found no definition

    5. Athen = may reer to Athens but exists in German, Norwegian & Danish and was a Germa ship in the Bay o f Lübeck during the sinking of the Cap Arcona = All 1,998 prisoners aboard the Athen survived.

    Then there is “ Atena” in Aerospace = an experienced system development partner for electronics, design, analysis & engineering services.


    P.S. If that didn't wake me up, I don't know what would!

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    Merci beaucoup, Sra. Sorry to have been such a bother so early in the morning!

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    Not a bother at ALL, E.G.! For you, it was fun actually!

    Sra (aka Mme)

    C'est pour une compétition?

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    Merci, Mme, vous êtes très gentile.
    Non, ce n'est pas pour une compétition.

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