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Solve the inequality. So i have done this problem at least three times and I keep getting the same answer. But in the back of the book the correct answer for this problem is x<or equal to 5

This is what I did & my answer dosen't match the one in the back of the book:

-9(x-3)-8(4-x)> or equal to -2x
-9x+27-32+8 > or equal to -2x
-9x+3 > or equal to -2x
added 9x to both sides
3> or equal to 7x
divided both sides by 7
My answer: x< or equal to 7/3

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    you should have a 8x, not 8 in your second line

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    the second line of your equation you did not multiple the 8 times the x, you just multiplied by the 4

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