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find the slope of the line, if it exists:
coordinates are (-1,-5), (1,-5)

I am doing something wrong because I either get 5 or if I work it another way I get 0

m= either 5 or 0
Which one is it if any?
Can you please help me through this?

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    The slope of a line through two given points P1(x1,y1) and P2(x2,y2) is given by the expression:
    Since y2=y1, so y2-y1=0.
    Next we have to check if the slope exists:
    (x2-x1)=1-(-1)=2 ≠ 0.
    Therefore m=0/2=0.

    Note: if y2=y1 and x2=x1, then P1 and P2 are two coincident points, and the slope does not exist, because we cannot define a line through two coincident points.

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