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I do not generally play online games, but I have come across two that I think are not only fun, but educational as well. Would I be allowed to mention their names here?
(One has to do with words, the other with geography.)

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    yes, we will check them out to insure the sites are child safe. If they are not, we will remove them.

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    One is called "Word Bubbles"
    The player gets three word stems and has one minute each to build words with them. Points are given for each word. The challenge is to improve ones score with each game.
    The other is called: "Test Your Geography Knowledge"; there are several games, but the one I sometimes play is a map of the USA with all the States outlined. The player then has to click on the State that he/she is asked to find. Three tries are allowed per State and points given for the right answer.

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    There is one very nice game I used to play as a child, that is fun and educational as well:
    2 players minimum, no maximum.
    Each player gets a wide sheet of paper and categories are written on it.
    The main categories are:
    City, Country, River, Mountain, Flower,
    Author, Composer, Book.
    Other categories can be added (such as Singer, Actor/Actress, Name, etc.)
    The last category is for points.
    The first player then says the alphabet, but only the "A" is said out loud and the rest the player says quietly to him/herself. The player next in line says "stop" and the letter of the alphabet that was arrived at that time serves as the starting letter for the categories.
    The players all start writing at the same time, filling in the categories with terms starting with the called letter. The player who finishes first says "stop" and everyone has to put down their pen.
    The names are then compared. If two or more players have the same word, they get 5 points; if a player has a word that no one else has, he/she gets 10 points; if a player has filled in a category where no other player could find a term for, he/she gets 20 points.
    The points are added up and put into the POINTS category.
    This game can be playes for as long as the players wish. At the end all the poins are added up and the player with the most points wins.

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    Both of the online games look great!

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    Thank you, I am glad that you agree with me. I think they are fun and educational at the same time.

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