great jiskha ideas

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okay staff i came up with some great ideas.
-I can make a poster for you guys so people can hang ads up all around their school for this site.
-make a saynow number for people to call in saynow DOT COM
-be more like ask rose? add some more features, better websites, free chat room i would love to workin the free chatroom with kids.

  • great jiskha ideas -

    Thanks. The focus of our website is not to provide answers, but to help students get the thinking and work on their own. Our mission is to enable students to be able to think it out for themselves, through guided thinking and sending them to references, and critiquing (checking) their work. I am certain AskRose does not do that.
    THe problem with chat rooms is just that: chat. And, of course, child security, which means protecting those in the room from email or IM contact with predators. That is not an easy task. Discuss that with your parents.

    Thanks for the ideas, we are always looking for improvement.

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