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The description for a certain brand of house paint claims a coverage of 460ft^2/gal.
A) Express this quantity in square meters per liter.

B)Express this quantity in quantity in a SI unit (i.e, meters to the power-1, looks like m-1)

C)What is the inverse of the original quantity?

  • physics -

    A) Multiply 460 ft^2/gal by the conversion factors
    (0.3048 m/ft)^2 and (1 gal/3.785 l)

    B) 1 m^2/l = 1 m^2/10^-3 m^3 = 10^3 m^-1
    Multiply your result from A) by that conversion factor

    C)Take the recirocal of the answer in B). The units will be m^3 required per m^2 of coverage. It will be equivalent to the thickness of one coat of paint.

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    a) 460ft^2/gal=1m^2/9.290*10^-2ft^2= 1gal/3.785L=1308m^2/L

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