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The record for the largest glass bottle was set in 1992 by a team in New Jersey- they blew a bottle wit a a volume of 193 U.S. fluid gallons.

a)How much short of 1.0 million cubic centimeters is that?

b)If the bottle were filled with water at the leisurely rate of 1.8g/min, how long would the filling take? Water has a density of 1000kg/m^3.

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    Are you having some difficulty with this? We will be happy to critique your work.

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    a) 10^6 cm^3 = 10^3 liters = 264.2 gallons

    They were 264.2 - 193 = 71.2 gallons (or 26.9%) short of 10^6 cm^3. The actual volume in cm^3 is 7.31*10^5 cm^3

    b) Time to fill = Volume/(fill rate)
    Is the 1.8 g/min grams per minute or gallons/min? You need to know
    1.8 grams/min is more like a leaky faucet.

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