Physics - rojectile Motion (check pls)

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Imagine that you are solving a problem in projectile motion in which you are asked to find the time at which a projectile reaches a certain vertical position. when you solve the problem you find out two different positive values for time that both satisfy the condition of the prolem. Explain how this result is not only possible but also logical.

Ans: The result is not only possible but also logical becasue if a projectile motion lands at the same ground level as it was launched and air friction is neglected then the trajectory is a symmetrical parabola, hence there will be two positive values of time one when the object reaches towards the maximum height and the other being the when it is reaching for the ground.

Is this answer correct? or am i missing something, i am 75% sure of it only!

  • Physics - rojectile Motion (check pls) -

    You are wordy, but correct. What goes up, must come down. So at any altitude, you can solve it going up, or coming down.

  • Physics - rojectile Motion (check pls) -

    It is a communication worth question so i have to be wordy!

    btw - i got the answer of the projectile motion of the baseball! I was using sine of the angle multiplied by time instead of cosine in the horizontal component

    Thank you!

  • Physics - rojectile Motion (check pls) -

    a batter hits a baseball so that it leaves the bat with an initial velocity of 37.0 meter per seconds at an initial angle of 53.1 degrees, at a location where gravity is 9.8 meter per seconds squared. find the position of the ball and the magnitude and direction of its velocity, when time is equal to seconds. find the time when the ball reaches the highest point of its flight and find its height at this point. find the horizontal range r- that is the horizontal distance from the starting point, the point at which the ball hits the ground.for each treat the baseball as a projectile.

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