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(i)For the wheel of diameter 10 cm, find its final speed after traversing a distance of 10 m down an incline of 25º. Assume it starts from rest.

I know i have to use the conservation of energy but how?
i don't understand where to start off

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    loss of GPE= gainoflinearKE+gainrotationalKE

    You are going to have to decide if the wheel is a hoop, or a solid disk to find the moment of inertia.

    Remember, for each 2PI radians of rotation, the wheel moves linearly 2PIr distance.

    if w is the angular speed, then rw is the linear velocity.

    g*m*10cos25=1/2 I w^2+1/2 M(rw)^

    and once you decide solid wheel or hoop, you fill in for I, and then solve for w.

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    Wow thanks very much
    I was usig the wrong formula for loss of PE that's where i went wrong its always helpful to have people to tell you where youve gone wrong

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