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Are these correct?
Here, I am supposed to label the sentences interrogative,exclamatory,imperative, and declarative. Then, I have to put the correct punctuation mark beside it.

1.Look at the apes
Look at the ape (imperative)
2. How clever they are
How clever they are! (exclamatory)
3. They almost seem human
They almost seem human! (declarative)
4.Do you notice anything about the biggest ape
Do you notice anything about the biggest ape? (interrogative)
5. That ape looks familiar
That ape looks familiar. (declarative)
6.Doesn't it remind you of someone
Doesn't it remind you of someone? (interrogative)
7. Akiko has challenged me to a contest.
Akiko has challenged me to a contest. (declarative)
8. Which one of us can create the most imaginative painting
Which one of us can create the most imaginative painting? (Interrogative)

Change each sentence into the kind of sentence identified in parenthesis.

9. You should watch that ape. (imperative)
Watch that ape!
10. It is copying my movements. (interrogative)
Why is it copying my movements?

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    You might want to stick closer to the original sentence for # 10: "Is it copying my movements?"

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    You're welcome.

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