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What is a common schedule like in college or university? For some programs, it could be 4 days a week per semester. Also, do you HAVE to write 2 or more exams during Exam week?

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    Every college and university is different. You'll have to experience it to find out.

    I went to school long ago! But when I carried 15 or 18 units per semester, I was in class 15 or 18 hours a week and had at least 30 or 36 hours of study for those classes. We had a "dead week" between the end of each semester's classes and the beginning of that semester's exams -- and during "dead week," we studied for exams and wrote end-of-term papers, many of which were 40-50 pages. Everything progressed in difficulty as we moved from freshman to senior year.

    Exams for us were 3-4 hours per course, and we wrote an exam for every class which usually consisted of 2 or 3 essay questions and perhaps an objective section, otherwise known as multiple-guess (unless the prof passed on exams and let that end-of-term paper substitute).

    Each school is different.

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