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I am writing an essay on self-esteem on succes. I need help to write my introdution and write a thesis statement. I also have to talk about the theorists as well. PLease help me !

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    You might visit some of the following links for ideas:

    What is it y ou want to proove? The Introduction will introduce that theme. Your thesis statement may or may not be in the Introduction. Then, if you are doing a 5-paragraph essay, 3 points you wish to make (the proof for the thesis perhaps) and the Conclusion sums it all up.


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    IT seems to me, in organizing, you have been lead astray. I think I would jot down the things that you want to say, the points you want to make, before you lay out a thesis. After all, the thesis is what you are going to "prove" or argue. So do you have some points you want to make, or an argument you want to make? Develope that thinking, then write the draft thesis statement. From that, then you know what support you need to develope, and a nifty outline of that can be had. Frankly, I find that writing the conclusion after the body, then followed by the introduction works wonders.

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