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If I want to live in the state of California in the future, there is one concern that I have.

Since most of California's major cities are fairly close to the San Andreas fault line, I can expect earthquakes. Are all the buildings earthquake-proof? I want to be sure of this because I feel scared of quakes that are worse than the 5.0 earthquake that happened nearby Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I felt it for like 15 seconds or less.

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    All the buildings are NOT earthquake-proof. Building codes have been getting better each year, but those requirements make newer buildings more expensive than the ones before, whether office towers or single-family homes.

    Here is a map that shows the currently known fault lines:
    (Broken Link Removed)
    If you move to California, do not move into an area near a known fault line -- but keep in mind that there are other faults that are unknown until an earthquake happens in its vicinity!

    But if you are terribly afraid of earthquakes, do not move to California!!

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