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[THESE QUESTIONS ARE NOT THE SAME AS MY PREVIOUS POST) I am working on my take home quiz questions now...and i am not sure about the answers of the folowing questions...can anyone please help me to check???? THANKS A LOT!!!! (The "*" represents the answer I chose)

The primary effect on climate of a volcanic eruption is based on
A) the amount of water evaporated.
* B) how much ash is emitted.
C) whether the ash or gas reaches the stratosphere.
D) how much gas is emitted.
E) the explosive force of the eruption.

Past climate data measured with instruments extends back about
A) 30 yrs.
B) 200 yrs.
* C) 100 yrs.
D) 500 yrs.

Plate tectonics (continental drift):
A) may help us better understand the cause of the Ice Age.
* B) is probably responsible for some climatic changes that occur on a time scale of
thousands of years.
C) may be a key factor in explaining the cooling trend since the 1940s.

Which of the following are possible consequences of a CO2-induced climate change?
A) shorter growing season at higher latitudes
B) less rainfall in some regions
C) higher evaporation rates and decreased rainfall in some areas
* D) less vegetation

The atmosphere's CO2 content is rising. Which one of the following is a
significant contributor to this increase?
A) refrigerant leakage
B) rice paddies
* C) deforestation
D) aerosol spray cans

Global warming could lead to a shorter growing season at high latitudes
*A) True
B) False

Most experts agree that the process of global warming can be reversed within a
few years if there is sufficient global cooperation.
A) True
*B) False

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