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1.)Which of the following is an example of the formal amendment process?
a)The gradual expansion of the President's war-making power as commander-in-chief
=b)The 1920 change to the Constitution that gave women the right to vote
c)The 1954 Supreme Court decision Brown vs. Board of Education, which outlawed segregation
d)The custom and tradition that fill in the details left vague in the Constitution
2.)Why is the formal amendment process so difficult and complicated?
=a)The Framers wanted the people to be absolutely sure before they changed the Constitution.
b)That part of the Constitution is not well-designed.
c)The States resented the loss of the power they had held under the Articles of Confederation.
d)Congress is full of politicians.
3.)What is the purpose of the Preamble to the Constitution?
a)To reiterate the Declaration of Independence
b)To form a more perfect union
c)To outline the amendment process
=d)To explain why the Articles of Confederation were being replaced with a new constitution
4.)The Constitution originally _____. a)rejected the principle of popular sovereignty
=b)was not meant to be changed
c)emphasized direct democracy
d)limited the power of the common people
5.)The Constitution stipulated that all members of the _____ be elected directly by the people.
a)House of Representatives
=c)United States Congress
d)executive branch
6.)Great Britain has a _____ system of government, and the United States has a _____ system.
a)tyrannical, despotic
=b)monarchical, confederate
c)unitary, federal
d)presidential, parliamentary
7.)Judicial review gives the _____ the authority to declare a law _____, or illegal.
a)national government, federal
b)judicial branch, impeached
=c)Supreme Court, unconstitutional
d)president, veto

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    on 4, I am not so certain what "originally" means...which draft? When a group of folks are making laws, it is oft in draft in several versions at the same time.

    The others are ok

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