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Claim Letter: Parking Issue Affects Company Interns
Watkins Industries owns several condominiums used to house its interns during their short-term assignments. In your position as a human resources manager, you received the following email from one of the interns:
Could you please assist us with a problem we are having at the condominium. The condominium next to us is being rented by four college students, each with his own car. They are constantly parking in the two parking spots assigned to our unit. Due to limited visitor spots, we often must park in the shopping center across the 4-lane highway. We have repeatedly asked the complex manager to address the problem. Her response has been that she can not control the number of cars renters have. Because the company owns the condominium, I am hoping you are in a stronger position to resolve the issue.
Required: As the human resources manager, write an email massage to Nina Valdez, apartment complex manager, requesting a solution to the parking problem.

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    How would you like us to help you with this assignment?

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    We will be happy to critique your thinking. I wonder what your lease agreement states on the issue.

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