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I am trying to find a poem (ideally by uk poet) that starts with a word beginning with the letter c. I have found many poems but none that start with a word like can, call, etc. Does anyone know a poem or can direct me to a website. many thanks in advance.

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    Here's one --


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    C is for cap.
    C is for cat.
    C is for cookies
    on my mat.

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    many thanks you guys (+ gals) are great.

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    You're very welcome, Linny.

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    Here is one I wrote sometime ago (and hold the copyright to):
    "A Summer's Night"
    Calm and peaceful is the night,
    All the stars are gleeming bright;
    Just a gentle evening breeze
    Is tenderly flirting with some leaves.
    Then, suddenly, vivid and strong
    A turbulent storm is coming along;
    Thunder is roaring through the sky,
    Like Zeus raging on Olympus high.
    Like a herd of buffalo stampeding through
    While a frightened owl is asking "Who?"
    But just as sudden as it began
    The storm has departed again;
    The thunder is roaring no more
    And it's calm and peaceful - like before.

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