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When a speaker is 20 years older that the person listening, the listener's ability to listen is affected by what factors?

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    What are your choices?

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    Thanks for the reply! :) This is what I'm trying to figure out. There are no choices, we just have to determine how our listening would be impacted while communicating with someone 20 years older. I am 22. How old are you? What would impact our listening if we were to listen to someone 20 years older? Thanks!

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    How are YOU impacted by listening to people in their 40s?

    Do you tend to discount them because of their age? Do you respect them for the experience and wisdom they have?

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    Plus a good speaker will consider the age of the audience when delivering a speech! The speaker must use terms a different generation can relate to.


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    It depends on the status of the speaker as compared to the audience (teacher, boss, relative, authority figure, etc.), the message (topic) of the communication and how that message relates to the listeners, and other factors.

    The above factors relate to the way you might answer Ms. Sue's questions.

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