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if (6r - x) is on factors of 18r^2 + 12ry - 3xr - 2xy, what is the other factor.

a) 2y - 3r
b) 3r + 2y
c) 3r - 2x
d) 3r - 2y

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    Arrange the polynomial in decreasing power of r:
    18r^2 + 12ry - 3xr - 2xy
    =18r² + (12y-3x)r -2xy

    Do a mental long division,
    The first term is:
    18r²/(6r) = 3r
    The last term is:
    -2xy/(-x) = 2y

    Therefore the answer is 3r+2y.

    =18r² + (12y-3x)r -2xy
    The other factor is correct.

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