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the story the dog pompeii the author uses much of the story to describe the wealth and beauty of Pompeii. the story ends with scientists amazed at finding an ordinary dog with a raisin cake. How do these two different story elements relate to the theme?

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    After you have done some reading and writing, then please repost and we will be happy to give you further suggestions. We do not do your homework for you.

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    I think that they relate to the theme because Pompeii was famous for the eruption caused by Vesuvious, and the same reason why Bimbo was trying to get a raisin cake for Tito so he can survive the eruption, but unfortunately the dog didn't make it.

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    In the afterword the author of this selection muses that tito becomes a famous friend to and healer of is this idea an extension of the story's theme

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