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need help with adding whole numbers, decimals, fraction and integers. do not understand when answer should be + or -. what is the rules?

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    when adding, the answer will be the same sign as the greater number

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    Think of positive money as money you have and negative money as money you owe. Now, let's try a few examples. Read over and study these and I think you will understand this better.
    -4+8 you owe four and you have 8 means you have four left so the answer is 4. 6-10 means you have six and you owe ten so you owe 4 so the answer is -4. Like Pauline said, the answer will be the sign as the greater number. -5-6 both are negative so the answer is -11 (you owe 5, you owe 6, you owe 11 total). -5+-6 is the same exact thing as above. read the plus sign as "and" (you owe five, AND you owe six, you owe 11 total). If you still need help with this, please let me know.

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