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for the equilibrium H2+CO2<-->H2O+CO
Kc=3.18 at 1106K. if each of the four species was initially present at 3.000M calculate the equilibrium concentration of the CO at this temperature.....
OK I can get as far as equilibrium (final)

substitute the equil.numbers into the KC expression and solve for x.Then add 3.000 or subtract x from 3.000 to arrive at individual concentration...

This is the bit I don't know how to do Could some one please go through it step by step please and show me how to get final answer...
Thanks Andy

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    see below at original post. I have two scenarios there
    1. if you did not solve the equation.
    2. if you did solve and obtained a value for x.

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    Dr bob,
    can you check out my theory on previous post....thanx Andy

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