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1. How did the pattern of european immigration shift in 1890?
A. from jewish to catholic
B. From northern to southern and eastern europeans***
C. from eastern to southern europeans
D. from eastern to western europeans

2. The massive government spending of the new deal led to
A. the end of the depression
B. some short term economic improvement***
C. the collapse of capitolism
D. extreme shortages of food

3. what event led carter to impose a boycott on the 1980 summer olympics?
A. soviet invasion of afghanistan***
B. chinese refusal to sign the SALT II treaty
C. Iranian revolution
D. Israeli cutoff of peace talks

4. Some anti-imperalists feared the existence of
A. foreign markets
B. different races in the united states
C. large standing armies***
D. a new frontier

5. when a government lifted price controls after the war, prices
A. remained about the same
B. rose faster than wages***
C. fell to prewar levels
D. required government support

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    I disagree with #2

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