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Chemistry 11th Grade

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Two oxides of lead were separately reduced to metallic lead by heating in a current of hydrogen and the following data obtained :
(i) Mass of yellow oxide taken = 3.45g
Loss in mass during reduction = 0.24g
(ii) Mass of brown oxide taken = 1.227g
Loss in mass during reduction = 0.16g

Show that the above data illustrate the Law of Multiple Proportions!!!

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    I would determine the moles of Pb and O in each and the formula.
    3.45-0.24 = 3.21

    moles Pb = 3.21/207.2 = ??
    moles O = 0.24/15 = ??
    Now fine the ratioi of the moles to each other in small whole numbers. The easy way to do that is to divide the smaller number by itself (thus you get 1.000 for that one), then divide the other number by the same small number. Round to whole numbers to find the ratio.

    Do the same for the second compound and note that the ratio of the O, for a fixed amount of Pb, is in the ratio of small whole numbers.

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    Sorry I didn't understand the concept it will be better if you solve it completely

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    Sorry but we try to help. We don't DO the homework. Go through my detailed instructions as far as you can, show your work, and tell me what you don't understand when you get stuck. I'll help you through it. First, the law of multiple proportions is here. Familiarize yourself with it.

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    I did without ur instructions. And got the answer. And i Know the Law of Multipe Proportion

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