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Hi there, would someone be able to tell me if this is right or almost right or really not right?!

The scenario being explaining the transfers and conversions of energy of a diver. from walking up the steps to standing at the top of platform to jumping into pool and to start swimming.

(transfered from body to steps then once reached the top of steps)

( From board to a dive into the pool and on entrance to the pool)

(whilst swimming)

Thank you

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    It is hard to tell, there is so little explaination of your terms. If I were your teacher, I would mark it as inadequate.

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    I am trying to gain a understanding of the transfers and conversions of energy whilst the subject (being a diver) goes through its motions.
    Maybe i should be clearer ....
    SO as the diver makes his way to the top of the steps chemical energy is transferred from the body to the steps(unsure of transfer) Work? converting into kinetic energy. as the diver reaches the top of the steps the kinetic energy converts to potential and gravitational energy?
    From the board chemical energy converts to kinetic and gravitational and on entrance to the water sound energy? as the diver starts to swim chemical energy converts to kinetic and internal energy and sound as the diver swims through the water?

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    from the body to gravitational potenial energy by moving up the steps. At the top, his new larger GPE is released when diving, and is converted to KE on the way down. When he hits, the KE is converted to sound and frictional heat. As she starts to swim, body chemical energy is converted to work by arms moving water backwards, giving a forward motion to the swimmer. The work being done is mostly converted to friction in the water, but some of it becomes swimmer KE.

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    but kinetic is used to get to the top of the steps?

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    There is some kinetic energy, but most of the body's work is going into GPE. One does not move very quickly up steps, but I admit, some of the energy is going into kinetic energy.

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    Ok thanks, so the transfer of energy is work done by the body?

    to clarify ...

    As the diver walks up the steps chemical energy is transferd through work and converts into GPE and kinetic energy.

    what is the energy transfer to begin the dive? chemical? once the dive has begun GPE is converted into kinetic and on entering the pool sound and internal energy . chemical energy starts the process of swimming and kinetic and internal energy are then present?

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