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Can you help me simplify or correct these sentences,too? Thank you very much in advance
1) In fact she resists all her master’s advances protecting her (?) virtue and in her turn gains a proposal of marriage which she accepts obtaining a social position which only women from upper classes normally aspired to.
2) The epistolary novel, telling a fictitious story based on real life, was meant for the growing middle class, that had not been interested in books before.
3) It reflected the fashion of letter-writing of the period and was later taken up by other foreign writers such as Wolfgang Goethee.
4) Unlike previous fiction, the characters are analyzed from a psychological point of view.
5) His heroines are young, charming, wilful, truthful and charitable. (Can you use charitable instead of saying "they possess Christian piety"?)
6) They have knowledge. How can I express it using an adjective : They are educated (or learned?)

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    5. Charitable is a good word, if you mean charitable. Christian piety is something entirely different.

    6. They are educated. Or, they are well-read.

    4. OK
    3. The word foreign bothers me? Foreign is a relative word, foreign to whom?
    2. class, that <which?> had not...
    1. Sentence to long for me.
    Why not break it into two sentences?

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