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• Review the methods for monitoring student progress presented in Ch. 6 (pp. 187–191) of the text. Each method presents a monitoring strategy for a particular type of activity or situation in a classroom, such as learning centers or independent work.

• Select two to three strategies you think could transfer across multiple instructional situations.

• Explain in 200 to 300 words how each monitoring strategy you selected might apply in an alternate type of activity or situation

chapter 6
Once you’ve given directions for an assignment and your class gets to work, it’s important
to monitor how students are doing. The BTES study found that teachers
with high-achieving classes circulated around the room while students were working
at their seats (Fisher and colleagues, 1980).This practice enables you to keep track of students’ progress, identify and help with problems, and verify that assignments
are matched to students’ ability. Circulating also helps to ensure that students
are using their time well.
Observations of our five teachers revealed that they rarely sit down, unless
they’re working with a small group.In all five rooms,the teacher’s desk is out of the
way and used for storage, rather than as a place to sit.

is that part of it i am sorry but i wam lost

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