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It’s lunch time and you’re at Subway. You would like to get a 6” sub sandwich and a beverage for sure and are deciding whether or not you would also like soup and/or a cookie. You only have $13 on you. You also have certain nutritional requirements that your meal choice must satisfy. Below is a summary of the menu at Subway and your personal preference (on a scale; the highest number indicates your first choice) for each item listed. The prices of soups, cookies, and beverages are given, but you must find a local Subway for the sandwich prices. Time to order! Satisfy your monetary and nutritional requirements while maximizing your total satisfaction using your preference scale. Your nutritional requirements are below and Subway’s nutritional information is available in the Excel spreadsheet on BlackBoard. *Please notice that the nutritional information in Excel is organized in two different ways (vertically on Sheet 1 v. horizontally on Sheet 2). Use whichever template is easiest for you to calculate your answer, solve it using solver, and print out your spreadsheet with formula (choose formula/show formula in your spreadsheet toolbar. Don’t have to write down the algebra expression in a separate sheet).

Menu Item Preference Score Price
6" Sandwiches
BigPhillyCheeseSteak 1 4.99
BLT 3 3.09
Chicken&BaconRanch 6 4.39
ColdCutCombo 5 2.99
ItalianB.M.T. 2 3.36
MeatballMarinara 9 2.99
SpicyItalian 4 3.19
SubwayMelt 10 3.69
TheFeast 7 3.49
Tuna 8 3.19
Soup (10 oz. Bowl)
ChiliConCarne 4 $3.25
GoldenBroccoli&Cheese 1 $3.25
Minestrone 5 $3.25
RoastedChicken Noodle 2 $3.25
VegetableBeef 3 $3.25
ChocolateChip 1 $0.79
OatmealRaisin 4 $0.79
WhiteChipMacademia Nut 2 $0.79
Yogurt DannonLight&Fit 3 $0.79
Bottled Drink 1 $1.49
Juice Box 3 $1.49
Milk, Low Fat 2 $1.49
Fountain Drink 16oz. 4 $1.29

Subway also offers combo meals (e.g. 6” sub, cookie, and drink) for a lower price compared to purchasing each item individually. Explain how you could modify your model taking into account the option of these combo meals. There is no need to solve the problem, just provide an explanation.

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