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Are there any other specific lines of poems, or a line of a poem which made any one of you from the deep inside just feel overwhelmed?

If you have any then please do list them down here, thank you very much:-)

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    This above all -- to thine own self be true. -- Shakespeare

    And I took the path less traveled by. -- Frost

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    Could you please tell me what shakespeare's line means. I get what Frost means.

    And I took that path less traveled by.

    This whole poem talks about choosing between two different decisions in life. It is about choosing the correct, or uncorrect path, and getting to be fortunate, or unfortunate. Basically the two roads symbolise choices in life.

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    The Shakespeare quote comes from Hamlet.


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    I have never read shakespeare's poems. I really want to get a chance in class to do a project on this poet. It would be very interesting and amusing to learn about such a famous person.

    About his line:

    This above all -- to thine own self be true

    Is it saying to be true to your word. Always go on the right path; not lying, cheating or anything. Is it basically saying to be pur from within;devoted.

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    sorry I meant be pure from within

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    You're right. :-)

    Hamlet is a play written in verse. The first Shakespearean play that most students read is Romeo and Juliet.

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