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Thanks Dylan! But I wanted to know HOW to WRITE OTHER equations to have the same answers as the ones below? NOT how to solve these!

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    I will assume you don't want just multiples of the above, so we will need the actual solution to yours first
    double the second:
    2x - 6y = -14
    subtract form the first
    11y = 22
    y = 2
    then in the second:
    x - 6 = -7
    x = -1

    now just make up any combination of x's and y's, sub in the 2 values and see what constant you get
    4x + 3y = -4 + 6 = 2
    so 4x + 3y = 2 is one equation.
    Now do the same thing for a second one

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    Many thanks Reiny!!

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