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starting from carbon what occurs to the ion charge as u move it to right?

In my periodic table Carbon does not have a charge at all; there is just a dash in place of where a charge should be, I'm not really sure what that means.

starting from carbon, what occurs to the ion charge as u move to left?

all I know is that on the left side of carbon there is a metalloid which is boron and it doesn't say the charge there either. there is only a dash in place of wherever that charge should be.

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    right after that question it asks:

    as u move to the right, & down, wat happens to the atomic mass & the atomic number? r there any exceptions to ur answers?

    am I supposed to move down one spot from carbon; would that be silicon?
    the atomic mass is at 28.09 and the atomic number is 14.

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    from carbon to the right, ions get more positive (N is -3, O -2, F -1). from carbon to the left, ions get more negative (B+3, Be+2, Li+1)
    From carbon down, atomic number increases and atomic mass increases. If you move to the right and down, atomic mass increases, and atomic number increases.

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