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Can someone help me with this question?
A) With the emergence of urban cities came the need for a distinct city government, including the role of the boss.
B) What were the positives and negatives of having a boss in the city government?
C)Do you think the boss and the political machine are similar to current local systems of government Why?
All I want to know where on the internet can I find these? What do they mean by "having a boss in the city government?" Are they saying people who are in the mobs? I don't get this!!!

Why is history weird?!

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    Having a boss in city government, means that the person you work for also is a member of the city council or has some position in the city government. NO, they are not talking about mobs.

    The are asking what help or hindrance would having your boss work for city govt. be.

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    A city "boss" is likely to be mayor of a large city who is reelected for many, many years. You may have read about Boss Tweed. In Chicago, Mayor Daley acted as "boss" for many years.

    Read this site for information about political machines and bosses.

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