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24. Explain the differences between the four major types of bridges. Include as part of your answer which bridge structure is the stronger.

A bridge is a constructed structure vital for transportation. There are two types of bridges: fixed and movable. A fixed bridge does not move, and movable bridges can change their position to accommodate traffic below. There are five major types of bridges, which include: Beam, truss, arch, cantilever, and suspension. Beam bridges use concrete or steel beams to support the deck. They are used widely when one road crosses another road, and are very common on the interstate highway system. A truss bridge uses small parts arranged in triangle to support the deck. They can carry heavier loads over longer spans than beam bridges. Most of the rail-road bridges are truss bridges. Arch bridges use curved members to support deck; the arch may be above or below the deck. These types of bridges are used for longer spans. A cantilever bridge uses trusses that extend out like arms. The ends of the arms can carry small span or hook up to each other. Then the load is transmitted by the arms to the center. Lastly, a suspension bridge uses cables to carry the loads. A large cable is suspended from towers. Smaller cables drop down to support the deck, from the large cable. Suspension bridges can span great distances.

I need help with the second part of the question.

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    Which bridge is stronger: Look to railroad bridges....

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    truss bridge?

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