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I have to write about if I think smell should be a non-verbal communication. This is my into and I have some notes, but that's it. I don't know hat else to put and I know it's not enough.

Smell communication appears to be unrelated to non-verbal communication, but after reading it carefully it’s understandable why it is a debate. After reading the text, I believe that smell should be considered a non-verbal communication. Smell communication has attraction messages, taste messages, memory messages and identification messages which do cause non-verbal communication.

Attractions messages
Many Americans fear of offensive natural smells, so they use sprays and deodorants to smell good to others. If you smell good to someone, they can cause them to be attracted to you. In other some other countries they may find regular body scent more attractive.
Taste messages
Memory Messages
Smell can trigger an old memory by smelling something familiar.
Identification Messages

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    What you have is very interesting. Perhaps some of the following sites will help to add more:


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    I can give you an example that you can use. I am a retired college teacher. In one class, I found myself extremely attracted to one particular female student. She was physically attractive, but not extremely so. After much thought, I finally realized that she was using a perfume that my wife typically used.

    They have also done experiments with women smelling men's T-shirts to identify the one belonging to their boy friend.

    I hope this helps a little more.

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