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Need help with identifying argument and reasoning for
Having your car washed at the carwash may be the best way to go, but there are some possible drawbacks. The International Carwashing Association (ICA) has fought back against charges that automatic carwashes, in recycling wash water, actually dump the salt and dirt from one car onto the next. And that brushes and drag cloths hurt the finish. Perhaps there is some truth to these charges. The ICA sponsored tests that supposedly demonstrated that the average home car wash is harder on the car than an automatic wash. Maybe. But what’s “ the average” home car wash? And you can bet that the automatic carwashes in the test were in perfect working order. There is no way you or I can tell for certain if the filtration system and washing equipment at the automatic carwash are properly maintained. And even if they are, what happens if you follow some mud-caked pickup through the wash? Road dirt might still be caught in the bristles of the brushes or strips of fabric that are dragged over your car. Here’s my recommendation: Wash your own car.

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