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I'm understanding most of this physics, but here is one last question I would appreciate help on. Thank you!

Okay, so the question involves a figure. A link to the question and the picture with it is below can be found by googling the question along with Holt physics. The link should be on the first page somewhere.
Page 27, question # 4.

The question:
From the heating curve for a 15 g sample, as shown in Figure 10-17,
estimate the following properties of the substance.
a. the specific heat capacity of the liquid
b. the latent heat of fusion
c. the specific heat capacity of the solid
d. the specific heat capacity of the vapor
e. the latent heat of vaporization

I'm not look for answers. I'm look to find out how to get the answers. Again, I would appreciate any help. Thank you!

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  • Physics -

    Specific heat is equal to energy divided by mass times change in temperature.

    Latent fusion/vaporization is equal to energy divided by mass.

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