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physics: escape velocity

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You are on Pluto and would like to send a probe into space so that it does not fall back to the surface. What minimum launch speed do you need? (The mass of Pluto is 1.3x^22 kg and the radius of Pluto is 1.18x10^6 m).
Answer in km/s.
I have used the velocity of escape = (square root of) 2(g)(m1)(m2)/r but keep getting the wrong answer.
1.21e5 km/s and 4.7e3 km/s are two of the answers I've been getting. Help?

  • physics: escape velocity -

    PE at surface=KE at launch
    GMp/radius = 1/2 v^2

    v= sqrt(2GMp/r) where G is 6.67E-11


    You seem to have difficulty operating your calculator. Put this into the Google search window:

  • physics: escape velocity -

    Hmm. I wonder how I can correct my poor usage. Thank you very much!

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