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summarize into a paragraph.

Establishing bilingual education programs was a reaction to these problems. It was an attempt to bring education to students who had special needs. Bilingual education tries to meet students at their level rather than the level where they "should'' be.

It's a very basic idea in education. If kids live too far away from school, you send a bus to pick them up. If they come to school hungry, you give them breakfast, and then they can learn. If they don't know English, you learn their language. You use it to teach them math and other subjects. You use it to communicate with their parents and explain to them how they can help their kids with their education. That way, your students won't fall several grades behind their peers. In a few years, they'll know enough English to keep up in all their subjects and will no longer need instruction in their native language. That's what bilingual education is about -- meeting immigrant children at their own level. If you don't, they will fail and we as a society fail and eventually suffer the consequences.

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    The main idea of these paragraphs is that bilingual education is essential in teaching students who don't know English.

    What points support that main idea?

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