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language expression

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choose the word or phrase that best completes the answers are all at the bottom

6)by now,the relay team _____ their practice laps.



H)has swum

J)was swimming

7)the director ______ a speech when the guest of honor arrived


B)is giving

C)has given

D)was giving

choose the sentence that is complete and that is written correctly


F)she enjoyed it self on the carousel in the amusement park

G)the little girl helped themselves onto the carousel horse

H)the carousel is himself the most popular ride in the park

J)i enjoyed the carousel so much,i bought myself another ticket.


A)ann taught her brother multiplication last year.

B)has he teached you how to organize a research paper?

C)did you and tara learn yourselves the trigonometry tables?

D)our chemistry teacher is learning us the periodic table of the elements


F)nobody wanted no trouble at the game.

G)the crowd wouldn't let no one cut in line

H)the coach doesn't want any bad behavior at the game.

J)the coach isn't allowing none of the team to leave yet.

for numbers 6-10

6- (H) 7- (d) 8- (J) 9- (A) 10- (H)

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    Your answers are all correct.

    However, all of your sentences need appropriate capitalization and punctuation.

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    ok thanks

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    You're welcome.

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