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Calculus Theorem! !!!????

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i don't understand this, Show that if G(x) is an antiderivitive for f(X) and G(2)=-2 then G(4)=-7+((integral))top number 4 lower number 2 f(X)dx
its so confusing.? HELP. Thanks!!

  • Calculus Theorem! !!!???? -

    There is a fundamental theorem oc calculaus that states that the integral of f(x)dx from a to b is
    G(b) - G(a). This assumes than f is the derivative of G (or G is the integral of f).
    G(4) = G(2) + integral(2 to 4)of f(x)dx

    What you wrote is not correct. The -7 should be -2.

  • Calculus Theorem! !!!???? -

    so does this mean that the equation is incorrect, or it is like undefined. That is exactly how it is in the paper, and it says to explain why it is right? So do i write it is incorrect.

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