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What are atleast three or more changes in the world, that you'd like to see.

One change that I would like to see is an end to child abuse, terrorism, and an end to animal abuse. I think that parents should be capable of leaning their children towards the correct direction; to success and success happens with two things, one is the correct knowledge and the other is the good behaviour.

What changes in the world, would you like to see and why? I would love to hear all your opinions, and please explain, thanks:-)

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    I'm a dreamer, but I'd like to see an end to poverty, war, and greed.

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    Yes, I definitely agree with you. I would like to see changes especially in now days generation, I mean they're really abusive; not all of them, but many of them are. I think that parents should begin to get serious about their children. I think that children should be brought up with the enough amount of love that they need, meaning not too much and not too little. It all actually depends on the parents. If they're brought up in a bad manner like attitude, then eventually the next generation and so will turn out to have that kind of attitude as well. Parents have the right to ground their children, and if they do not have the courage to do that, then eventually the children will begin to rule over their parents.

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    I really appreciate all the religious and knowledgeable people out there. Because of them, our world is progressing. It really amazes me, how people turn out to be so talented.

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    Great! :-)

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    Ms. Sue, may I ask you something? Have you ever seen a poor or good type of person getting bullied infront of your eyes. Doesn't it just hurt you deep from the inside to think about that poor kid, that has happened to me many times, but I just can't seeem to develop the enough courage to stand up for people like that. I want to, but I don't want myself to fall into a deep hole by doing that.

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    Yes, I've seen bullying and I understand your reluctance to interfere. One thing you can do is to befriend the person who's being bullied. Hang out with him/her if possible.

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    Yeah, that would be a really good idea, thanks for the advice:-)

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