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Solve the compound inequality.
1.-n<2 or 2n-3>5.
2.2c-4>-6 and 3c+1<13

Are these the answer?
1.n<2 or n>4.

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    1. No. n>2 and n>4 , which is n>4

    2. correct

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    Did you divide the -n by itself and then 2 by -n in order to get the sign reverse?

    Also could you help me on this one? Thanks

    A number minus one is at most nine, or two times the number is at least twenty-four.

    Is it n-1</= 9 or 2n =/> 24 which equal n>/= 12 or n </= 10?

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    I divided by -1, which reversed the inequality.

    yes on the second.

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