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I forgot to include the following statements. I really hope you can correct them as well.

8)The wind goes away from her house or the wind left her house?
9)The omniscient narrator can be divided into obtrusive and unobtrusive (is it correct? Or would be better to say “the omniscient narrator can be obtrusive or unobtrusive.
10)A Metonymy is the substitution of a word for another with which it is closely connected.
11)An omniscient narrator has an unlimited point of view OR He tells the story from an unlimited point of view. An internal narrator is also a first-person narrator. (Is it always true?). An omniscient narrator knows everything about the story (and not all about?)
12)An external narrator is or stands outside the story/is a voice outside the story (which are correct?) who or which tells (about: is about necessary?) events he does not take part in.

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