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13. A tree casts a shadow of 17 ft. The angle of elevation from the tip of the shadow to the top of the tree is 68°. To the nearest foot, what is the height of the tree?

14. The angle of depression of a diver from the boat is 34°, and the diver is 367 ft deep. To the nearest foot, how far is the diver from the ship?

15. A 6-foot-tall person standing at a distance of 27 ft from a water tower must look up at an angle of 46° to see the top of the water tower. To the nearest foot, find the height of the water tower.

16. A hot-air balloon has risen to an altitude of 280 m. You can still see the starting point at an 18° angle of depression. To the nearest meter, how far is the balloon from the starting point?

  • MATH -

    13. 42 ft
    14. 656 ft
    15. 34 ft
    16. 906 m

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  • MATH -

    (13. 42ft
    (14. 656 ft
    (15. 34ft
    (16. 906m

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