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the constitution was written in order to establish a stronger central government that that provided by the articles of confederation, however the whole point of th american revolution was to renounce an oppressive central authority. explain this apparent reversal in the thinking o the framers of the constitution.

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    The U.S. Constitution is written to prevent an oppressive central authority.

    The Congress has representives from the states. The Senate has two representatives from each state. The House representatives each represent a given number of citizens. In addition, the balance of powers between the three branches prevent authority resting in one specific person or body.

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    but what were thr framers thinking when they changed the way they felt about that issue?

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    The framers wanted a strong nation. They did not want the country broken up into little enclaves of special interests.

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    • The Constitution is the basic principles and laws of a nation, state, or social group that determine the power and duties of the government and also guarantee certain rights to the people. The Articles of Confederation was the first government that United States if America had. The states retained most of the power and supported congress only when it suited them. Congress couldn’t levy taxes but they had to rely on states to pay their requisitions on time. Congress couldn’t pay the army or the debts that had accumulated during the revolution. The weakness of the Articles of Confederation was exemplified when a farmer’s rebellion led by Daniel Shays had to be defeated by the Massachusetts militia rather than their national army, soon the members of Congress realized that weakness of the Articles of Confederation and agreed at the Annapolis Convention to meet in Philadelphia to make the Articles of Confederation stronger. The delegates in the Philadelphia Convention realized that Unites States needed a strong national government to protect the country. The soon abandoned the Articles of Confederation and created a government that would be able to protect the country, regulate commerce, and levy taxes. They also wanted national law to be supreme over state law.

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