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How do you figure out area of compound figure

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    You add the parts, break it up into parts you can figure the area, then add.

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    Can someone show me an example of area of compound figure? and how to solve

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    1. Break your figure up and look to see how mnay shapes you have. Once you have broken the figure down into squares, rectangles, triangles, or parallelograms you can use the formulas below to find the area of each individual shape.
    square = side x side
    rectangle = length x width
    triangles = 1/2 (base x height)
    parallelograms = base x height
    2. After you have found the are of all of your little shapes, you may add them all up and that will give you the area of the compound figures. Compound just means more than one so just remeber that a compound figure is a combination of the regular shapes mentioned above.

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