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Could someone please help me with this math problem?
Solve using the multiplication principle. Give the answer in set-builder notation.
-4/5 less than or equal to -8x.
I want to say that I multiply both sides by 5 but I'm not sure. I'm confused with this problem.

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    you are trying to solve for x. How does multiplying by 5 do that? Why not start by multiplying by 1/8? You do have one more step.

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    go with your instinct

    -4/5 ≤ -8x
    times by +5
    -4 ≤ -8x
    "move" the terms
    8x ≤ 4
    divide by 8
    x ≤ 1/2

    remember you switch the inequality sign only if you multiply or divide the inequation by a negative, we multiplied by +8, so it stayed the same.

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    forgot to multiply the right side by 5

    -4 ≤ -40x
    40x ≤ 4
    x ≤ 1/10

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