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Manageral accounting

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Cost Allocation
prepare responses to the following questions in a Word document:
• As financial managers, it is important that you identify and allocate costs appropriately. Discuss the major cost categories. What are some of the methods used to determine the cost category?
• How can service organizations benefit from activity-based management to become competitive? Cite specific examples.
Each response should be between 50 to 100 words. Ensure that you use accounting vocabulary that is relevant to the topic. On the same document provide a cited summary for each of the following six topics listed:
1. Cost flows in an accounting system
2. Just-in-time manufacturing
3. Product versus period classification
4. Value chain
5. Proactively controlling costs using target costing
6. Conversion costs
The summary should be no more than one page for each topic. Use at least two references to prepare the question responses and the cited summary. The references should consider one academic and one practitioner resource.
• Academic resources are theoretical and include accounting journals and a company’s internal policies and procedures manual.
• Practitioner resources are practical applications and include accounting textbooks, white papers, and research papers.
Use established APA 5th edition guidelines.

  • Manageral accounting -

    how, a issuing of a note payable in exchange for computer equipment, is recorded in a cash flow statement?

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