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Ceckpoint Introduction and conclusion.
I am having a problem with writing an introduction for my research paper and a conclusion. My research paper is about education. But my professor said it has to be in a rough draft what does that mean. can somebody help me I am lose.

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    A rough draft is expected to have errors. Your instructor probably will read it and make suggestions for your final paper.

    Think of your paper as a person you know. How would you introduce that person to an audience? Be sure to include your thesis sentence at the end of your introduction. It also helps to have an attention-getter, a "hook" at the beginning of the introduction.

    The conclusion sums up the main points you've made in your paper.

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    This is where I am confuse is the introduction in the beginning of the essay or is that the conclusion?

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    The introduction is at the beginning of the essay. The conclusion is at the end.

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    DO NOT start any paper's first draft (rough draft) by writing the introduction! How can you introduce a paper that you haven't written yet?

    Follow the writing process, whether you're writing for science, history, English, or any other subject:

    Prewriting: brainstorm, research, plan, outline, thesis statement

    Writing: write first draft by starting with section II of your outline; write introduction after the body of the paper is written; write the conclusion last.

    Polishing: revise, concentrating first on the body of the paper, then the intro, then the concl (revision = making sure ideas are logical and sequential and support your thesis); proofread (spelling, grammar, usage, etc.)

    Do you have a thesis yet? Have you done your brainstorming (and maybe research) yet? Have you written an outline?
    Check in the Essay & Research Paper Level.

    Let us know.

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