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Why might it be worse to get an infection from someone in the hospital than from someone on a bus?

is it because how bad the infection is, usually people that are in the hospital are in bad condition

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    Yes, stay away from hospitals. You can die there. Another point, drug resistance strains of bacteria tend to show up in hospitals more often than in a bus.

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    The lowered immune system of sick patients tends to allow more resistant strains of bacteria to colonize- some germs such as MRSA are present on our bodies but our immune sytems allow us to fight them by keeping the numbers down. Simple PROPER handwashing helps prevent gernms from multiplying too rapidly. Handwashing after touching a patient can go a long way to help prevent infections from spreading. Also pay attention if someone is on isolation precautions - follow the rules about wearing a mask or gown or gloves when you visit your loved ones in the hospital so that you don't get what they have and spread those germs to others when you leave.

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